Senin, 07 April 2014

Woods 2801 Power Caddy Plus Extension Cord Reel, 25-Ft Reviews

If you are looking for "Woods 2801 Power Caddy Plus Extension Cord Reel, 25-Ft", this is the website which will review it. so do not go first. please refer to our full review below.


  • High impact case
  • 4 handy grounded outlets
  • 25-feet 16/3 black extension cord
  • 10-amp circuit breaker
  • Mounting holes for wall mounting

Sold as each. 25'. 16/3 cord rating. 10 amp circuit breaker. 4 grounded outlets. Can be wall mounted. Plastic. Black cord, yellow case. Boxed. Manufacturer number: 2801. Country of origin: China. Distributed by Coleman Cable / E C I.


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